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  1. Press release

    ILO offers special training in Cambodian Women Workers' Rights and Gender Equality

    17 January 2005,

    An ILO organized training workshop focusing on the rights of Cambodian women workers and gender equality is being held in Phnom Penh .

  2. Press release

    Three northern provinces join forces establishing anti-trafficking data centres and assisting victims of trafficking

    17 January 2005,

    The International Labour Organization, through its IPEC Mekong Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women (ILO-IPEC-TICW), today announced the launch of a series of partner-driven action programmes to fight human trafficking in three border provinces of Northern Thailand.


  1. Press release

    Lao hosts 5-country review of safety and health on small construction sites

    13 December 2004,

    An international workshop focusing on standards of occupational safety and health on small construction sites is taking place in Vientiane , Lao PDR.

  2. Press release

    Social security gap to be reviewed 80 per cent of Thais lack social security; ILO recommends ways to extend protection

    03 December 2004,

    A new survey carried out by the ILO and the Thai government indicates that some 51 million Thais, or 80 per cent of the population, still lack social security coverage.

  3. Press release

    International meeting looks for new strategies to manage labour migration

    29 November 2004,

    A four-country meeting organized by the ILO focuses on strategies to ensure that migration of people in search of work serves as a force for growth and development rather than opportuninties for human rights violations.

  4. Press release

    ILO Director-General on official visit to India

    24 November 2004, NEW DELHI

    The ILO Director-General, Juan Somavia is visiting India for high level discussions with the government and representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations.

  5. Press release

    Safety and health for homeworkers to be reviewed

    22 November 2004,

    A two day workshop with focus on the ILO’s WISH (Work Improvement for Safe Home) training programme is being held in Bangkok with the aim to improve occupational safety and health for Thailand ’s homeworkers.

  6. Press release

    International experts to look at ways to improve Asian working, employment conditions

    29 October 2004,

    Experts and professionals specialising in working conditions and occupational safety and health is meeting in Korea to discuss ways of improving grassroots work and employment conditions in Asia.

  7. Press release

    Experts assess progress in improving Cambodian home workers safety and health

    26 October 2004,

    ILO experts goes to Cambodia to review the progress of the occupational safety and health trainers who has graduated from the ILO’s WISH (Work Improvement for Safe Home) training programme.

  8. Press release

    Small coal mine operators in Hunan to get special safety training

    18 October 2004, BEIJING

    A comprehensive training programme to improve safety and health standards in privately-owned small coal mines in Hunan, China, is being implemented with the assistance of ILO specialist.