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  1. Press release

    ILO offers first safety and health training for North West Cambodian workers

    19 March 2008, BANGKOK

    Experts from the ILO visit north-western Cambodia to assist at the ILO’s first occupational safety and health training session in that region.

  2. Press release

    ILO Convention No. 187 on Occupational Safety and Health to come into force following ratification by the Republic of Korea

    13 March 2008, GENEVE

    The Republic of Korea ratifies a new ILO Convention, the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health, Convention No. 187.

  3. Press release

    New Global Employment Trends Report for Inrernational Women's Day (March 8th)

    03 March 2008, BANGKOK

    The ILO marks International Women’s Day on Saturday 8 March 2008 with a new report on labour market trends for women in the world of work

  4. Press release

    Global Employment Trends 2008

    23 January 2008, BANGKOK

    Development in South-East Asia and the Pacific has been less impressive than elsewhere in Asia and the region faces some pressing challenges, notably the problems of young people looking for work, according to the ILO’s 2008 Global Employment Trends (GET).

  5. Press release

    Global employment trends 2008

    23 January 2008, BANGKOK

    South Asia could end poverty in a generation, but only if economic development is accompanied by inclusive labour market policies, according to a new report by the ILO.

  6. Press release

    Global Employment Trends 2008

    23 January 2008, BANGKOK

    East Asia is on the way to becoming a middle income region as sustained productivity growth has raised incomes and helped tens of millions of people escape poverty, according to a new report by the ILO.

  7. Press release

    Global Employment Trends 2008

    23 January 2008, GENEVE

    The ILO's Global Employment Trends report says economic turbulence largely due to credit market turmoil and rising oil prices could spur an increase in global unemployment by an estimated 5 million persons in 2008.

  8. Press release

    ILO to launch Global Employment Trends report 2008

    17 January 2008, BANGKOK

    The ILO will issue its annual Global Employment Trends report (GET) next week, providing a comprehensive analysis of current global employment, unemployment and labour market trends.

  9. Press release

    ILO meeting to review situation of Thai workers in Korea

    16 January 2008,

    The situation of Thai migrant workers in the Republic of Korea will be under the spotlight at an international meeting in Bangkok this week.


  1. Press release

    Vietnamese photographer wins International Day of Disabled Persons photographic competition

    03 December 2007, BANGKOK

    Vietnamese photographer Mr Hung Nguyen, has won the “Decent Work for Persons with Disabilities” Asia Pacific region photographic competition.