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  1. Press release

    ILO releases Global Employment Trends 2007: East Asian unemployment up, despite strong economic growth

    25 January 2007, BANGKOK

    The number of people unemployed worldwide remained at an historic high in 2006, despite strong global economic growth

  2. Press release

    ILO work in Cambodia

    25 January 2007, BANGKOK

    The ILO seeks clarification from the Cambodian Government on reports by the Cambodian Government commenting on ILO’s work in Cambodia with the garment industry.

  3. Press release

    Global Employment Trends 2007

    25 January 2007, GENEVE

    The ILO says in its annual Global Employment Trends (GET) report that the number of people unemployed worldwide remained at an historical high in 2006 despite strong global economic growth.

  4. Press release

    ILO to publish new Global Employment Trends report

    19 January 2007,

    The ILO is releasing the 2007 Global Employment Trends (GET) report.


  1. Press release

    New poll highlights need for better understanding among Thais of the importance of migrant workers to their economy: migrants help economy but only one-in-two Thais agree they should enjoy the same working conditions

    18 December 2006,

    A new ABAC poll released today revealed the need for better understanding among Thais of the important contribution made by foreign migrant workers to the Thai economy.

  2. Press release

    Fresh research reveals serious human rights violations of young foreign migrant workers in Thailand

    13 December 2006,

    A year-long study finds exploitation, coercion and intimidation in homes, farms, factories and fishing boats.

  3. Press release

    New ILO study says youth unemployment rising, large increases in Pacific, South-East and South Asia

    27 October 2006, BANGKOK

    A new ILO report shows that the number of unemployed youth aged 15 to 24 rose over the past decade, with large increaces in the Pacific, South-East and South Asia.

  4. Press release

    More than 10,000 Afghans get help with finding jobs, training through ILO-backed project

    15 September 2006,

    An ILO project helps thousands of Afghans finding paid work, receiving training and help in searching for work in the first half of 2006.

  5. Press release

    MoL/ILO workshop on South African labour law reform and labour relations in a multi-ethnic growth economy

    10 August 2006, BANGKOK

    The Thai Ministry of Labour and the ILO are sponsoring a workshop that will see South Africa and Thailand exchange experiences with labour law reform and promoting harmonious labour relations.

  6. Press release

    Korea-ILO partnership to improve employment

    03 August 2006,

    The Government of the Republic of Korea and the ILO sign an agreement for technical cooperation in Asia and the Pacific worth US$800,000.