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  1. News

    Gender-based collective bargaining agreements better protect rights of woman workers

    31 March 2023, Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

    The ILO’s Ship to Shore Rights South-East Asia Programme promotes a gender-based collective bargaining negotiation and agreement to better protect the rights of woman workers in the seafood processing industry.

  2. News

    A note on ILO modelled estimates and country rankings or comparisons

    30 March 2023, New Delhi, India

    Information on how the estimates are to be used

  3. News

    Indonesia shares progresses of its social protection system reform at a global forum

    29 March 2023, Geneva, Switzerland

    Indonesia together with other ILO member States share progresses and challenges on expanding social protection while calling the urgency for global financing and partnership to accelerate the expansion coverage to billions of uncovered people.

  4. Decent Work Country Programme

    ILO, Viet Nam agree on new cooperation framework in employment, social protection, and labour market governance

    29 March 2023, Hanoi, Viet Nam

    The document was endorsed by representatives of the Government, workers’ and employers’ organizations and the ILO on 28 March.

  5. Child Labour

    Samoa holds national consultation on child labour workplan and launches follow-up rapid assessment on street vendors

    28 March 2023, Apia, Samoa

    These initiatives aim to ensure compliance with ratified international conventions and to provide children with formal education and early childhood learning benefits.

  6. News

    Indonesian labour actors to improve efforts preventing online gender-based violence at work

    27 March 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO promotes awareness about online gender-based violence at work to its social partners for stronger joint collaboration and preventive actions and interventions.

  7. Workplace cooperation and industrial relations

    Free advisory package offers electronic factories in Viet Nam support in improving workplace cooperation and industrial relations

    27 March 2023, Hanoi, Viet Nam

    Registration for the Programme opens until 10 April 2023.

  8. Labour market insights from the Asia-Pacific Employment Social Outlook 2022

    Why the unemployment rate is a weak metric of decent work in Asia and the Pacific

    24 March 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

    The unemployment rate is widely used internationally to assess the performance of a country’s labour market. However, it is a considerably less useful indicator in the Asia-Pacific region.

  9. Labour standards

    Promoting improved compliance with labour standards on fishing vessels in Fiji waters

    23 March 2023, Suva, Fiji

    The strategic compliance planning workshop was the first ever in the Pacific fishing industry.

  10. Press Release

    Employment, Informality, and Social Protection in the Solomon Islands

    23 March 2023, Honiara, Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands’ first National Employment Policy is currently under development.