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    ILO Timeline video (English)

    17 January 2022

    This is English version.

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    Asian garment and textile industry seeks path to bright and sustainable future (ILO Meeting Highlights, 18-20 Oct 2021)

    03 January 2022

    The ILO convened a tripartite forum to discuss challenges and opportunities for the Asian garment sector in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and long-standing trends reshaping the supply chain.


  1. Video

    Podcast - How protected are pregnant women workers

    23 December 2021

    Even though the protection for women workers who are pregnant and giving birth has been stated in the Manpower Act, in practice there are still many acts of discrimination that occur. To address this issue, the ILO and Magdalene held an online discussion. Find out more in the following podcast.

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    Animated case study: Credit Bank in China -- Best Practice on the Road to Lifelong Vocational Training

    21 December 2021

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    “Show Your Sign” International Disability Day Campaign 2021

    10 December 2021

    The campaign "Show Your Sign" aims to introduce the Indonesian society fun ways to learn and express through sign language. The campaign included an Instagram competition, inviting Indonesians to record themselves to practice sign language through their favorite songs.

  4. ILOJKT’s Employment Podcast Series

    Productive a la Worker Living with HIV (PLWHIV)

    10 December 2021

    There is still a lot of misinformation about HIV/AIDS, even though people with HIV can actually stay active and carry out activities like healthy people in general. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS eventually causes stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV (PLHIV).

  5. Video

    12 years journey of the ILO’s SCORE programme in Indonesia

    08 December 2021

    The video documents three phases of the ILO’s SCORE programme in Indonesia. Launched in 2010 by H.E Doris Leuthard, President Swiss Confederation, the ILO’s SCORE programme has undergone three phases since then.

  6. Video

    Benefits gained by ILO’s SCORE Enterprises

    08 December 2021

    The video highlights benefits gained by the ILO’s SCORE Enterprises in the forms of improved productivity and competitiveness. The SCORE programme is an ILO global programme that improves productivity and working conditions in SMEs.

  7. ILOJKT’s Employment Podcast Series

    We can, we just need opportunities

    07 December 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic not only has a negative impact on the economy, but also provides opportunities in certain fast-growing business sectors. Then what is the role of the company in providing this opportunity also for people with disabilities?

  8. Access to TVET

    Inclusive TVET system- Jubel's testimony

    03 December 2021

    The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), under the Technical and Madrasa Education Division (TMED), Ministry of Education, has carried out several steps in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to make its 118 TVET institutes disability-inclusive. Thus, like Jubel, other youths suffering from some disabilities can have access to TVET and Skills training and employment.