Videos and Photos


  1. Trade Union Revitalization

    How did the ILO Support Workers’ Organizations in 2022?

    23 March 2023

    Throughout 2022, the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) has been at the forefront to ensure that workers’ organizations have the information and assistance they need to face the multiple and overlapping crises facing the world of work. Watch some examples of how ACTRAV has contributed to trade union revitalization over the past year and see what its priorities will be for 2023.

  2. Video

    Citarasa Masa Depan TVET leads to good jobs

    22 March 2023

    There are a lot of barriers for young women to study and get decent jobs. In Malaysia the barriers are meant to be broken. The ILO Young Futuremakers Malaysia Project has launched an awareness campaign to promote a better future for young women in food operations & services industry in Malaysia.

  3. Social protection

    Workshop on extension of social security coverage in Lao People's Democratic Republic

    13 March 2023

    From 15 to 17 February 2023, a number of government organizations, social partners and civil society groups met in Luang Prabang for the workshop on “Extension of Social Security Coverage to the Informal Economy in Lao People's Democratic Republic”.

  4. Social protection

    Actuarial valuation and social security in Lao People's Democratic Republic

    13 March 2023

    Mr Simon Brimblecombe, Chief Technical Advisor and Head of Regional Actuarial Services, ILO Bangkok explains what an actuarial valuation is and why the valuation process in Lao People's Democratic Republic is important.

  5. Audio

    Radio talkshow - Turning Indonesian youth into a resilient generation

    08 March 2023

    The talkshow discusses how the fast-changing world of work such as technological advancement has urged young people to be adaptive and to equip themselves with skills needed, including digital skills.

  6. Skills

    Mutual Recognition of Skills (MRS): A pilot initiative on bricklaying and plastering

    07 March 2023

    The free flow of skilled migrant workers within ASEAN continues to be acknowledged as one of the key regional initiatives in promoting skills recognition in the region.

  7. Video

    Encouraging the use of digital technology to increase SME financial access

    02 March 2023

    This video introduces the PROMISE II IMPACT project that aims to strengthen the enabling environment to drive a more inclusive financial sector for SMEs, generating post-pandemic economic growth and employment opportunities.

  8. Audio

    Radio talkshow - It can happen to anyone: Fight against harassment and violence at work

    01 March 2023

    The talkshow discusses about the ILO’s Convention No. 190 on Harassment and Violence, as the first international treaty to recognize the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment.

  9. Skills

    Thailand’s national skills standard testing and assessment on bricklaying and plastering (Level 1)

    22 February 2023

    This instructional and/or demonstration video for Thailand’s National Skills Standard Testing and Assessment on Bricklaying and Plastering (Level 1) has been produced to capture the assessment process and scoring.

  10. Audio

    Radio talkshow - Women and care economy

    22 February 2023

    The talkshow discusses about the care economy and a great involvement of women in the care economy. It is growing as the demand for childcare and care for the elderly is increasing in all regions. It will thus create a great number of jobs in the coming years.