Events and meetings

The ILO organizes and takes part in a wide range of meetings, conferences, workshops and training events, throughout Asia Pacific. More information about the events listed below can be found by clicking on the relevant link, or by contacting the regional Meetings Unit (Email us)

March 2005

  1. The Wrap-up Meeting of the ILO/Japan Regional Project on Strategic Approaches towards Employment Promotion (ILO/PEP)

    29 March 2005

    Regional meeting on strategies to promote employment under ILO/Japan project

  2. Workshop on the Implementation of the ILO/IMO Code of Practice on Security in Ports

    21 - 23 March 2005

    Meeting to review progress on the inplementation of ILO/International Maritime Organization(IMO)'s code regarding security in ports

  3. International Women's Day 2005

    8 March 2005

    International day to promote the rights of women focusing on women in disasters

February 2005

  1. Expert Meeting on Skills Development for Economic Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation, using the Community-Based Training (CBT) Methodology

    22 - 24 February 2005

    Meeting of experts on skills development using community-based training for economic empowerment and poverty alleviation

  2. Inter-regional Planning Workshop for the Second Phase of "APEC Awareness Raising Campaign: Eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labour and Providing Educational Opportunities"

    16 - 18 February 2005

    Meeting planning awareness campaign to end the worst form of child labour through education

  3. Regional Consultation Meeting on the Draft Instructional Material "Vocational Education and Training Institution: A Management Handbook and a CD Rom"

    15 - 18 February 2005

    Asia-Pacific regional meeting to review the draft handbook on how to manage vocational education for training institutions

December 2004

  1. Viet Nam National Occupational Safety and Health Information Network Meeting

    2 - 3 December 2004

    Occupational safety and health at work information network in Viet Nam

  2. Symposium on Globalization and the Future of Youth in Asia

    2 - 3 December 2004

    Meeting on globalization and the effects on youth in Asia

November 2004

  1. Sub-regional Workshop to Improve Occupational Safety and Health in Small Construction Sites

    24 - 26 November 2004

    East Asia subregional meeting on how to improve occupational safety and health on small construction sites

  2. International Symposium on Occupational Health in Small-Scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector

    12 - 15 November 2004

    International meeting on occupational safety and health in small scale enterprises in the informal sector

  3. International Training Course on Participatory Training Methods to Improve Working Conditions

    1 - 5 November 2004

    International training on how to improve working conditions using participatory training methods

  4. Regional Meeting on Sharing of Experiences of Social Dialogue Mechanism at the Workplace

    1 - 3 November 2004

    Asia-Pacific regional meeting to share experiences on social dialogue in the workplace

October 2004

  1. United Nations Day

    24 October 2004

    International day to commemorate the United Nations

September 2004

  1. 5th BDS Seminar - Developing Markets for Business Development Services: Pioneering Systemic Approaches

    27 September - 1 October 2004

    Meeting on how to develop markets for services in developing businesses, using a new systematic approach

  2. WISE Training-of-Trainer Workshop

    22 - 25 September 2004

    Training of trainers for occupational safety and health using the Work Improvement for Small Enterprises methods

  3. Sub-Regional Workshop on Freedom of Association and Organizing in Rural Areas

    20 - 25 September 2004

    East Asian subregional meeting on freedom of association and organization in rural areas

  4. ILO/IOE/CAPE Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of Employers' on Competitiveness through Productivity Improvement

    14 - 16 September 2004

    ILO/International Organisation of Employers (IOE)/ Confederation of Asian-Pacific Employers (CAPE), regional meeting of employers on how to improve competitiveness through productivity

  5. WIND Training-of-Trainer Workshop

    13 - 17 September 2004

    Training of trainers on occupational safety and health using the Work Improvement methods

  6. China International Forum on Work Safety

    1 - 4 September 2004

    International meeting on work safety

August 2004

  1. Training on Occupational Safety and Health of Small Construction Sites

    26 - 28 August 2004

    Training on occupational safety and health for small construction sites

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