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The ILO organizes and takes part in a wide range of meetings, conferences, workshops and training events, throughout Asia Pacific. More information about the events listed below can be found by clicking on the relevant link, or by contacting the regional Meetings Unit (Email us)

February 2024

  1. Coordination Meeting for Developing Skills Priority and Strategy in the Electronics Sector using the ILO's STED Methodology

    19 - 20 February 2024

    The meeting aims to identify skills initiatives that ILO could assist to implement and support the piloting of sector level skills governance arrangements in the electronics sector.

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    Welcome to Pakistan

    14 February 2024

    We are proud to welcome Mohamed Yahya, the New United Nations Resident Coordinator for Pakistan, to the ILO office in Islamabad and we are excited to work closely with him, benefiting from his experience and support as the UN Resident Coordinator. A big thanks to Mohamed Yahya for spending Valentine's morning with team ILO!

  3. Fourth Joint Dialogue on labour migration between the ASEAN Trade Union Council and the ASEAN Confederation of Employers

    14 February 2024

    The ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE) and the ASEAN Trade Union Council (ATUC) and their country-level affiliates are meeting in Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, on 14 February 2024 for a Fourth Joint Dialogue on labour migration.

  4. Implementation of the RBSA Project "Promoting the transition to formalization through integrated approaches in Cambodia": First-Year Progress Update.

    13 February 2024

    As the project "Promoting the transition to formalization through integrated approaches in Cambodia" reaches its first year of implementation, this update includes a summary of the activities undertaken and the prospects for its final year.

  5. Aggregation Center Consultation: Market Linkages & Safety Standards

    12 February 2024

  6. Training for Regional and Village Governments of Pemalang Regency on the Protection of Migrant Fishing Ship Crews

    1 - 2 February 2024

    Through this initiative, the ILO Accelerator Lab 8.7 programme (AL) aims to To strengthen the capacity and the coordination of regional and village governmental authorities in implementing the Law No 18/2017 on the Protection of Migrant Workers and the Government Regulation No 22/2022 on the Protection of Migrant Fishers.

January 2024

  1. Public Education 116: Work and Care Work

    31 January 2024

    The ILO and Jurnal Perempuan launch the 116 edition of Jurnal Perempuan on Work and Care Work, highlighting the importance of the ILO's 5R Framework on Care Work (Recognition, Reduction, Redistribution, Representation and Reward).

  2. Boosting Care Economy Awareness in Indonesia via Social Media

    29 - 30 January 2024

    The training aims to support the ILO to promote the “Recognize-Reduction-Redistribute (3R)” from the above 5R Framework of Care Economy, by digital-based awareness raising and outreach activities; to community of workers, business, employers, and social partners.

  3. Global Youth Forum 2024: Youth at the forefront of achieving the 2023 agenda for sustainable development

    29 January - 9 February 2024

    The ITCILO, training arm of the International Labour Organization, organizes the 2024 edition of its Global Youth Forum – an experiential learning platform bringing youth at the forefront of efforts aimed at supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  4. Digital Communications Training for Trade Unions on Care Work

    19 - 22 January 2024

    The training aims to equip the trade unionists with skills on social media and content awareness raising on issues related to care work.

  5. Launch of Social Experiment of ILO-Magdalene on Care Work

    18 January 2024

    The launch highlights and screens a documentary video about hundreds of hours spent by five women with different backgrounds on caring responsibilities and domestic work without recognizing the economic values of the care work.

  6. The Ministry of Youth & Sports team observed a2i’s activities of ISEC project in Cox's Bazar

    17 January 2024

  7. Global Affairs Canada's representative visit to Cox's Bazar for the ISEC Project

    17 - 18 January 2024

  8. Journalists build skills in reporting on forced labour

    17 - 19 January 2024

    The Government of Mongolia and its social partners have been working closely with the ILO to effectively implement ILO's fundamental principles and rights at work, with particular focus on eliminating forced and compulsory labour in Mongolia.

  9. Annual Work Planning Workshop & Partners-Donor Meeting on the Priorities for 2024

    15 - 16 January 2024

  10. Mongolian trade unions to fight against forced labour

    15 - 16 January 2024

    The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) and the ILO have jointly organized a two-day training workshop on forced labour for trade unions within the framework of the ILO Bridge-II project funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL).

  11. Empowering youth of Cox's Bazar with market-driven skills and recognition

    1 January - 31 March 2024

  12. BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Graduation Intervention for ISEC project

    1 January - 31 March 2024

  13. ISEC project started informal apprenticeship-based training in Cox’s Bazar

    1 January - 31 March 2024

December 2023

  1. ILO’s tripartite constituents commemorate International Human Rights Day

    13 December 2023

    The constituents affirmed that Freedom of association is a human and labour right.

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