Research Conference: Green Jobs for Asia and the Pacific

Jointly organized by the International Institute for Labour Studies, Policy Integration Department and Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

Aims and expected outcomes of the meeting

The ILO Conference aims at exploring new concepts and approaches, at extracting lessons for policies and programmes, at identifying priorities for action and at building partnerships for future work.

The Research Conference on Green Jobs for Asia is expected to:

  • Raise awareness for the critical role of green jobs in the transformation of Asian economies and for their potential contribution to sustainable development
    In this respect the Conference will help to clarify the notion of green jobs as it applies to the region, the relationship between concepts of green jobs and decent work, the potential for the creation of new jobs, the role of new and redefined jobs in bringing about the transformation of economies and in improving welfare and reducing poverty.
  • Draw lessons for use in policy and operational programmes
    The Conference will share research results from the region and exchange experience from i) government policy reforms, including in the area of tax policy, financial support and market-based instruments; and ii) case studies, field projects and programmes in a range of countries, sectors and enterprises. It will distill lessons for government policies and programmes, in particular concerning the role of the ILO constituents (Ministries of Labour, Employers’ and Workers’ Organizations) for further consideration through tripartite dialogue.
  • Identify the potential for the ILO to add value to and be a partner in the efforts to promote green growth in the region
    The lessons emerging from the presentations and discussions with researchers and resource persons will also help to identify future opportunities for policy advice and operational work as part of the ILO Decent Work Country Programmes. This will include possible partnerships under the UN ‘delivering as one’ as well as other national and development partners.
  • Draw up an agenda for future research and explore potential for a research network
    In addition to mapping the main issues and priorities for research, the Conference will provide on suitable research methods and consider possible arrangements for building a research and knowledge sharing network on Green Jobs in the region.
  • Provide input to the ILO contribution to the G8 Meeting
    Green jobs will be on the agenda of the G8 Labour Ministers Meeting 2008, hosted by the Government of Japan. The conclusions of the Research Conference will provide input to the ILO contribution to the G8 Labour Ministers Meeting, scheduled for 10-13 May 2008.

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