Strengthening Social Dialogue Policy and Practices: Constituents Review of Social Dialogue & Tripartite Mechanisms in Thailand

Thailand practices tripartism and social dialogue and it has many advisory social dialogue bodies, including at bipartite mechanisms at enterprise level. This meeting is aimed at facilitating review by constituents of key challenges facing the social dialogue mechanisms and discuss way forward for making tripartism and social dialogue more effective.

The need to strengthen social dialogue processes and tripartite cooperation is among the priorities recognized by the constituents under the DWCP 2019-2021. In support of this, ILO Country Office has been working closely with the Ministry of Labour, other line ministries, agencies as well as workers and employers’ organizations to strengthen legal & institutional framework for social dialogue and to build the capacity of the tripartite constituents.

This proposed meeting is part of the ongoing initiatives of the ILO to help constituents build upon and strengthen the consultations and cooperation culture – both in regard to ILO matters (C144) and in labour, employment and business sustainability challenges facing the economy.