Areas of work

Training for labour inspectors in Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

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In recent years the Asia-Pacific region has faced challenges that have seriously tested its socio-economic infrastructure and development – economic crises, natural disasters, conflicts and the spread of globalization.

The ILO works with countries in the region to deal with these and other issues. The range of work and workplace-related issues that emerge in such a diverse region is immense – ranging from the drafting of laws and the application of internationally-agreed standards to institution building, health and safety, labour migration, social protection, discrimination, crisis response, child labour and forced labour.

In addition to dealing with such specific challenges, the ILO’s work in Asia and the Pacific responds to the five priority areas that were set out for the Asia-Pacific Decent Work Decade (2006-2015). These are:
The ILO work in Asia and the Pacific also covers several programmes i.e. Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Asia and the Pacific (EIIP).

These priorities compliment the national goals of each Member State, as outlined in their individual Decent Work Country Programmes. An important strength of ILO work is that it is carried out in close co-operation with governments, employers and workers. This unique tripartite system ensures a wide base of support and allows ILO interventions to take into account many views and benefit from up-to-date, practical knowledge about employment and work.