Labour market governance and working conditions resources

February 1999

  1. Opening Address to the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry's Socio-Economic Summit

    20 February 1999

    by Ms Mitsuko Horiuchi, Regional Director, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

January 1999

  1. Asia-Pacific crisis reversing decades of progress as labour market woes deepen

    13 January 1999

    ILO report warns that the Asian financial crisis has reversed decades of progress towards full employment in Indonesia, the Republic of Korea and Thailand, and has sharply reduced job prospects for workers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

  2. ILO meeting highlights Asia jobs challenge

    13 January 1999

    Representatives from 12 Asian countries, attending an ILO Tripartite Meeting, prioritizes job creation policy in the wake of the Asian financial crisis.

  3. Workplace cooperation: a practical guide

    01 January 1999

    A guide for managers and workers to improve workplace cooperation through information-sharing, discussion, consultation, negotiation, open communication and mutual respect.

December 1998

  1. Managing the Papua New Guinean labour market for the 21st century

    10 December 1998

    The working paper is directed primarily at suggesting major developments needed in the Department of Employment and Youth, in order to achieve an acceptability high level of capability to manage the labour market in support of national social and economic objectives.

January 1998

  1. Conducting labour inspection visits - a practical guide

    01 January 1998

    Highlights issues concerned with improving the quality of inspection work and enhancing the effectiveness of labour inspectorates. It is complemented by a companion guide "Labour inspection policy and planning: a practical guide" (ILO, 1998).

  2. Labour administration: an introduction

    01 January 1998

    Intended for group training and individual learning, describes the nature and purpose of labour administration. Discusses basic functions, organizational and structural arrangements, resources required, and policy and operational issues.

  3. Labour inspection policy and planning: a practical guide

    01 January 1998

    Provides a framework for training personnel in the field of labour inspection.

  4. Tripartism: an introductory guide

    01 January 1998

    Describes the objectives of tripartism, the parties involved, forms of tripartism, preconditions and obstacles to effective tripartism, issues for tripartite cooperation, and issues to be considered when setting up a national tripartite body.

January 1997

  1. Labour statistics based on administrative records: guidelines on compilation and presentation

    01 January 1997

    Guidelines on compilation and presentation of labour statistics based on administrative records.