Child Labour resources

December 1997

  1. Combating child labour - IPEC in Pakistan

    This brochure reflects upon IPEC Pakistan's past, present and future efforts towards elimination of child labour in Pakistan.

  2. NEPAL: Migration of Working Children in Nepal (1995-96)

    A report on the study on “Migration of Working Children” in Nepal done using the Migration and Employment Survey, 1996.

October 1997

  1. Update Sialkot - Issue 1

September 1997

  1. NEPAL: Child Labour Situation in Nepal (Report From Migration and Employment Survey, 1995/96)

    A report on the child labour situation in Nepal in 1995-96. The study was carried out as a sub-set of a larger study on the migration and employment situation in Nepal.

  2. Flyer on Combating Child Labour in Pakistan

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.

August 1997

  1. Defining hazardous undertakings for young workers below 18 years of age: A country report

    The study was focused on data gathered from the young workers aged 15-17 years, although some data and discussions regarding the younger age groups are also included in order to have a more complete picture of the child labour situation in the Philippines and the different occupational hazards besetting these children.

April 1997

  1. The child's inner and outer world: A study of the phenomenology of the child in prostitution

    The report s the review of literature drawn from various sources of information that tackles the experiences of children in prostitution and the current intervention strategies that address their situations.

March 1997

  1. Combating child labour in Pakistan - 1997

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.

February 1997

  1. To learn and to earn education and child labour in the Philippines: A country report

    The study was prepared to undertake a Philippine report on the basic education in the country and its links to the child labour problem, and to provide an analysis of selected projects that are considered innovative and successful in the prevention of child labour and addressing the needs of working children.

October 1996

  1. Combating Child Labour IPEC Action Programmes 1996

    A part of the IPEC Pakistan information kit.