Child Labour resources

January 2002

  1. Replication meeting of good experiences to prevent trafficking in children and women in Yunnan Province of China: records of proceedings, Beijing, 31 October - 1 November 2002

    Records of the proceeding of a replication meeting of good experiences to prevent trafficking in children and women in Yunnan Province of China, 2002.

  2. Thailand: child labour in illicit drug activities: a rapid assessment

    Aims at discovering the reasons children get involved in illicit drug activities in Thailand.

  3. Viet Nam: children in prostitution in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho: a rapid assessment

    Provides some limited insight into the situation of young people involved in prostitution in Viet Nam.

  4. Yunnan Province, China: situation of trafficking in children and women: a rapid assessment

    Presents an overview of the extent of trafficking in women and children and makes recommendations for action. Includes survey methodology, questionnaires and data collecting forms.

  5. Taking action against child labour: the community microfinance strategy

    Started in June 2000, this ILO-sponsored Community Microfinance Strategy worked to improve family incomes through savings so that their children could be taken out of the labour market and put back in school. The strategy helps to make saving money convenient and possible. The video was produced as part of the ILO-IPEC action programme in partnership with Punla sa Tao Foundation.

December 2001

  1. The Filipino children in prostitution: A worst form of child labour

    The conduct of assessment studies forms part of the preparatory activities leading to an initial assessment of the appropriateness and feasibility of including three priority child labour groups for the TBP.

November 2001

  1. Manual on training of trainers on occupational safety and health approach for child labour in the footwear industry.

    The trainer's training manual is a contribution of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Centre of the Philippines to the worldwide effort to implement ILO Convention No. 182 of the Worst Forms of Child Labour. The footwear industry has been included in the list of hazardous work to the health and safety of children.

October 2001

  1. ILO Meeting to forge New Alliances to Combat Child Trafficking

    The ILO/Japan Asian Meeting on the Trafficking of Children for Labour and Sexual Exploitation gathers representatives from 14 countires to forge new alliances and strategies to combat child trafficking.

June 2001

  1. Strengthening the role of labour standards in selected DMCs: Child labour in the Philippines

    Consistent with its mandate, the ILO has taken an active and leading role on child labour issues. In the light of its own mandate to reduce poverty and promote development, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) can also make a significant contribution to the effort. Hence, the two institutions agreed recently to undertake joint activities to improve labour standards in selected developing member countries in Asia (DMCs) in the areas of child labour, gender discrimination in employment and occupational safety and health.

April 2001

  1. Training manual on combating child labour in the tourism industry

    This training manual aims to increase the level of awareness of, and to develop personal commitment and responsibility among NUWHRAIN educators towards the issue of child labour in the tourism industry.