Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Asia and the Pacific (EIIP)

The EIIP in Asia and the Pacific is responsible for supporting the work of the ILO in the region in linking infrastructure investments, employment creation and poverty reduction. Through the promotion of local resource-based approaches, including the use of employment-intensive work methods, the EIIP seeks to increase job opportunities as a means of poverty reduction while at the same time improving access to basic infrastructure services.

Eight out of ten of the world’s working poor live in rural areas where the lack of decent work opportunities is pervasive. The ILO recognises that inadequate or lack of infrastructure is a significant barrier to reaching decent work goals, inclusive growth and many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The EIIP builds capacity within government and private sector to effectively provide local infrastructure services, placing emphasis on mobilising local capacity in communities, local government authorities and domestic industries. The advantage of relying on locally available resources is that a substantial portion of investments is channelled into the local economy resulting in the creation of new jobs and increased business opportunities for local industries.

Infrastructure works is also a major feature in rebuilding societies coming out of a crisis situation, be it civil unrest or natural disasters. While such works restore basic public services, it also provides jobs and income to people who have lost their livelihoods. The changing climate has led to new infrastructure challenges, requiring adaptation measures such as flood proofing and improved water and land resource management in order to improve natural disaster resilience.
With over 30 years of experience in the Asia Pacific region, EIIP has built up a vast experience in technical areas such as developing and implementing public works programmes, labour-based technologies, community participation in infrastructure development, small-scale contracting and community contracting, sustainable maintenance systems and building capacity within the domestic construction industry.

A wealth of technical literature and guidelines has been developed based on experience from country projects in the region. EIIP supports national agencies and projects in applying the approaches by providing specific advisory inputs and technical assistance during the formulation, implementation and evaluation of infrastructure and public works programmes.

EIIP country activities

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