Enhanced Coordination for Improved Labour Migration Governance in East and Horn of Africa

A series of National Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings on labour migration

Feature | 19 July 2023
TWG participants in Kenya
The ILO BRMM Programme hosted a series of National Technical Working Group (TWG) meetings on labour migration in Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, and Somalia. Driven by enhancing the coordination and management structure of ILO Labour Migration Projects across these nations, the meetings discussed current labour migration trends, challenges, and opportunities specific to each country, enabling stakeholders to devise suitable strategies and interventions. Emphasis was placed on stakeholder engagement and the importance of protecting the rights and welfare of migrant workers.

TWG Participants in Djibouti

Bringing together representatives from various government offices, involved in labour migration, employers and workers organizations as well as Private Employment Agencies, the TWG meetings facilitated effective project implementation, prevented duplication of efforts, and ensured timely progress. This enhanced coordination among stakeholders played a crucial role in maximising the outcomes and impact of labour migration projects in the region.

TWG participants in South Sudan
Through panel discussions, presentations, and knowledge-sharing sessions, participants were able to make informed decisions and develop tailored strategies to address the identified issues effectively. Discussions highlighted the importance of stakeholder engagement and collaboration in achieving successful outcomes in labour migration initiatives. By prioritising key areas, such as accurate data collection, addressing skill gaps, and strengthening labour migration governance, stakeholders were able to develop targeted action plans that align with their respective country contexts and challenges. This collective effort and commitment to improve labour migration governance and protect the rights of migrant workers demonstrated a shared responsibility and a dedication to creating positive change in the management and outcomes of labour migration projects in the participating countries.

TWG participants in Somalia
The TWG meetings served as platforms for stakeholders to exchange knowledge, experiences, and strategies to strengthen labour migration governance. The endorsement of amended term of references (ToRs) symbolised the collective dedication to effective project implementation in the region.

TWG participants in Tanzania