1. Advancing social justice and promoting decent work in Ethiopia

    05 December 2023

    An opinion piece by Alexio Musindo, ILO Country Director for Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan

  2. Malawi launches Alliance 8.7 Roadmap on child labour, forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking

    30 November 2023

    Malawi launched the Alliance 8.7 Roadmap on child labour, forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking. The launch was done at a high-level meeting on child labour, which was organized by the Ministry of Labour in partnership with the International Labour Organization through the ACCEL Africa project.

  3. The Swiss Ambassador visits Shea enterprises in Tamale

    30 November 2023

    As part of the Swiss Embassy’s strategy to promote private sector development in Ghana, Her Excellency Simone Giger visits three female owned shea enterprises in the Northern Region of Ghana that are supported by the ILO programme Producitvitiy Ecosystems for Decent Work

  4. ILO explores transformative private sector solutions in forced displacement contexts

    13 November 2023

    Through a three-day knowledge-sharing event bringing together a wide range of partners, the ILO placed the spotlight on the importance of working closely with private sector actors in forced displacement with a collective vision for sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.

  5. Building a More Equitable and Sustainable Migration System in South Sudan

    08 November 2023

    Enhancing the capacity of employers and Private Employment Agencies (PrEAs) in South Sudan.

  6. A Union-to-Union Agreement between South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda Marks a Historic Milestone for Migrant Workers' Rights in the EHoA

    06 November 2023

    A Union-to-Union Agreement between SSWTUF and CETU, as well as SSWTUF and NOTU, symbolises a unified effort to ensure the well-being and rights of migrant workers

  7. Prevention is better than cure

    31 October 2023

    The ILO 8.7 Accelerator Lab supports the Ghana Maritime Authority in strategic compliance of fishing vessels with provisions of C188 linked to forced labour

  8. Resilience in Action: A Mother of Three Thrives with ILO's Assistance

    30 October 2023

    "I am so grateful to the ILO and Live Addis's support, which immensely helped me establish my own business. I never imagined I would have the chance for such an opportunity in my country."

  9. Limpopo Improve Your Business Training

    30 October 2023

    South Africa

  10. Inclusive Futures: Fostering Social Protection for Migrant Workers

    27 October 2023

    Regional training on Extending Social Protection for Migrant Workers to enhance tripartite plus partners' understanding of policy measures and strategies for extending social protection to all in the region, with a particular focus on migrant workers and their families.

  11. ILO And Government of Tanzania Launch The Cotton With Decent Work Project In Tanzania During The 2023 Annual Labour Conference In Tanzania

    27 October 2023

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania have launched the Cotton with Decent Work project in Tanzania during the 2023 Annual Labour Conference in Tanzania that was held on 21st October 2023

  12. From classroom to community: Ugandan teachers' fight against child labour

    25 October 2023

  13. Resilience in action: Ramanzan’s transformation through skill-based empowerment

    25 October 2023

  14. Towards sustainable and balanced agriculture: The inspiring story of Nguessan Affoue-Georgette in Paksou

    24 October 2023

    Paksou is a village located 12 kilometers from the sub-prefecture of Grands Zattry, in Ivory Coast known for its varied agricultural activities, notably the cultivation of cocoa, rubber, oil palm, cashew, and food crops. The population, estimated at more than 5,000 inhabitants, is predominantly female. The village is led by a village chief, following a traditional system with a strong patriarchal influence in decision-making, in accordance with ancestral customs.

  15. Cultivating security through ACCEL Africa’s transformational journey

    24 October 2023

    Kwame Kadiu, a 50-year-old coffee and cocoa farmer shares his incredible journey of personal and professional transformation thanks to the ACCEL Africa project. His experience was marked by the discovery of WIND (Work Improvement in Neighborhood Development) activities -A real change in his life and work.

  16. © Priscilla Konadu Mensah 2023

    Formalization is transforming my shea butter business

    24 October 2023

    Zakaria Adama Lacera shares the challenges and rewards of formalizing her shea butter production and soap business in Ghana.

  17. The unionization of informal workers: Transforming Malawi's tea and coffee sectors

    20 October 2023

  18. Improved productivity evidence for better policy making in South Africa

    13 October 2023

    In this interview, Mothunye Mothiba, Chief Executive Officer of Productivity South Africa, discusses how partnering with the ILO Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work team will improve productivity analytics to support policy work involving key government, business and workers’ organizations in 2024.

  19. Ethiopia's Strategic Leap: Launching the National Technical Working Group on Labour Migration

    12 October 2023

    The first National Technical Working Group (TWG) on Labor Migration in Ethiopia will promote safe, orderly, and productive migration while addressing challenges faced by migrant workers.

  20. Improving Labour Migration Statistics in Kenya

    06 October 2023

    Strengthening the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection staff in generating robust statistics on International Labour Migration.