September 2010

  1. Trade contraction in the global crisis: Employment and inequality effects in India and South Africa

    20 September 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 54

  2. Promoting job creation for young people in multinational enterprises and their supply chains: Liberia

    02 September 2010

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 7

August 2010

  1. Fact sheet on Youth Employment 2010

    11 August 2010

July 2010

  1. Rwanda forging ahead: The challenge of getting everybody on board

    20 July 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 62

  2. Effect of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on Job Losses in the Zambian Tourism Sector

    14 July 2010

    In January 2010, the ILO and Zambia Federation of Employers brought the preliminary findings and draft recommendations from the two studies to a dissemination workshop in Lusaka, at which the Hon. Minister of Finance and National Planning was the Chief Guest. Subsequently, the ILO Lusaka Country Office has been finalizing the reports and recommendations for publication.

  3. Raising Awareness on Women Workers and their Rights in Zambia

    14 July 2010

    Rapid Assessment on Raising Awareness on Women Workers and their Rights in Zambia

June 2010

  1. The Worst Forms of Child Labour in conflict and post conflict settings: results from a research project

    01 June 2010

    Child labour, especially its worst forms, has received plenty of attention in recent years. This report provides an overview of a recent study that sheds new light on these pressing issues.

  2. Promoting Job Creation for Young People in Multinational Enterprises and their Supplies Chains : Sierra leone

    01 June 2010

    This paper examines the employment impact of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in Sierra Leone. Its principal purpose is to explore the potential role that MNEs could play in creating more and better jobs. It is part of a broader study that also includes Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia.

May 2010

  1. Report on the Liberia Labour Force Survey 2010

    11 May 2010

    Liberia has long mounted a search for concrete and reliable data on the labour market that will serve as tools for policy formulation and development of the labour force.

  2. Promoting job creation for Young People in Multinational Enterprises and their supply chains : Liberia

    11 May 2010

    This paper examines the employment impact of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in Liberia.

  3. Facts on Child Labour (2010)

    07 May 2010

    For over a decade, child labour has been recognized as a key issue of human rights at work together with freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, the abolition of forced labour, and non-discrimination in occupation and employment...

  4. Effects of the Global crisis on thE Egyptian textiles and clothing sector: a blessing in disguise?

    03 May 2010

    The textile industry is one of the most dynamic industrial sectors in Egypt and is a vital contributor to exports and employment. Cotton and textiles ranked third in Egyptian exports and accounted for 25% of all Egyptian cumulative exports in 2008 and 30% of all jobs. It comprises some 1,500 private sector clothing and intermediate manufacturers.

April 2010

  1. Poverty Reduction through Decent Employment Creation in Liberia (PREDEC) (Final Evaluation Summary)

    30 April 2010

    Project LIR/06/50/NET - Evaluation Consultant: Prof Oladele Arowolo

  2. International labour migration. A rights-based approach

    29 April 2010

    This book offers a comprehensive and accessible overview of international labour migration and the ILO's efforts to protect migrant workers through a rights-based approach. It gives new insights into the factors that motivate people to seek work outside their country of origin and the significant development effects on both origin and destination countries. Exposing the often limited access of migrant workers to their fundamental rights at work, it describes in detail the international norms that have evolved to protect migrant workers and ensure decent work for all. It reflects on existing and potential international governance structures, addressing the linkages between migration and development, and reviews the role of the ILO's Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration in improving policy-making and international cooperation in the area of labour migration. Price CHF 50; USD 50; GBP 30; EUR 33

March 2010

  1. Measuring the impact of the egyptian fiscal stimulus package 2008/2009

    01 March 2010

    The world economy has witnessed a period of declining rates of economic growth and employment starting in 2008 in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, which has been considered as the worst economic shock since the 1929 Great Depression.

February 2010

  1. Unravelling the impact of the global financial crisis on the South African labour market

    17 February 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 48

  2. Labour law and worker protection in developing countries

    06 February 2010

    This study reflects on labour law’s ability, in its current form, to protect workers’ rights and secure decent working conditions in the developing world. It identifies and examines structural weaknesses and challenges brought about by globalization and, against this background, explores regulatory and policy responses which have been made at different governance levels to enhance the scope and application of labour regulation, focusing particularly on Latin America, South Asia and southern Africa. This is a co-publication with Hart Publishing.

  3. Promotional flyer:The fundamentals of labour administration

    04 February 2010

  4. Impact of the Economic Crisis on Trade, Foreign Investment, and Employment in Egypt

    02 February 2010

    Keen on continuously providing their constituents and membership with up to date and high quality services, both the International Labour Organization / Sub-Regional Office for North Africa in Cairo and the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt agreed on jointly undertaking this study on the implications of the global financial and economic crisis on the Egyptian economy.

January 2010

  1. Zanzibar. Social protection expenditure and performance review and social budget

    14 January 2010

    Zanzibar's lack of social protection has left it vulnerable during the current financial crisis and economic downturn, and basic social services are urgently required. The ILO-DFID funded project sets out the current situation of existing social transfers within Zanzibar's social protection system.