SKILL-UP Ethiopia

The TVET system of Ethiopia faces the challenge of not being able to meet the labour market demand for skills workers, delivers poor quality training and does not adequately respond to inclusiveness. Addressing this issue is crucial in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy, export performance, creation of job opportunities and better income.

The SKILL-UP Ethiopia project draws from these opportunities to address the challenges of Ethiopia’s TVET system by improving its quality, moving it towards a demand-driven orientation that facilitates the development of relevant skills for economic sectors and making training more inclusive to women, people with disabilities, refugees and migrants.

The overall project strategy in Ethiopia is staged on a three-component approach:
  • Leveraging skills needs to strengthen international trade
  • Improving the quality of the skills development system in Ethiopia
  • Strengthening inclusion in skills development
The Programme aims at supporting Ethiopia’s agenda of social and economic development by strengthening the capacity of the country’s skills development system to become market-driven and more inclusive and to integrate skills policies with national development and sectoral strategies to contribute to export growth, economic diversification, and decent employment creation. The Ministry of Education (MoE) is the main partner in the implementation of this initiative in Ethiopia.